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LaVerne Elementary Preparatory Academy


Please take the time to visit our sister school.  It was established in July 2007 and holds the highest API score in the High Desert.  Desert Trails Preparatory Academy is proud to be replicating the philosophy, mission, and concepts of this school.



* Tarver, Debra
Founder & Executive Director
* Plantz, Mandy
Dominguez, Janice
Figueroa, Janet

Harvest Festival Success

Family Testimonial

"My child is currently in kindergarten and I am amazed in the improvement in my child. He enjoys coming to school everyday.  I have also built a good relationship with his teacher and the staff; they are amazing.  If this school were to close, I would take my child to a different district." Javier A.; parent of 1; 9-25-14


"I have a daughter in special education and I'm so satisfied with Desert Trails. Within the past year my daughter's reading level has jumped from a 16 to a 30.  I'm very please with this school. I feel like my children getting private school education for free. All of my kids learn so much. I love the fact that I'm aware of my children's education and how they are doing constantly, not last minute." Sonya R.; parent of 4; 9-25-14


If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please email the principal Mrs. Plantz: or see the REVIEW tab to the left.


Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code

We believe a scholar's behavior and attitude are related to his or her appearance.  We want scholars to attend school and focus on academics and scholarly behavior and  not focus on what brand of clothing they are wearing.  Therefore, we implement a dress code policy for all scholars. It is our desire to foster good grooming and good judgment as well as make all of our scholars feel that they are as equally important to our staff and to their peers.  This policy is MANDATORY for all DTPA scholars and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  Scholars are required to follow the dress code each and every day unless otherwise informed.  If a scholar is not following the dress code parent/guardian will be notified and asked to bring the appropriate clothing to school.  

Shoes: Shoes may be athletic shoes, or standard oxford casual or dress shoes.  They need to be full covering, flat shoes.  Steel-toed, open-toed, open-heeled, or shoes with any type of heel are not permitted.

Socks: They may be any color or design.

Belts: Belts are optional.  Plain colors without designs, words, and have simple buckles are permitted.  The tail of the belt needs to be feed through belt loops to ensure they are not hanging.

Sweaters/Jackets: Any plain color or style of sweatshirt or jacket without sports affiliation or inappropriate pictures or language is permitted.  

Pants: Pants need to be navy blue or khaki Dickies type material, not jean, spandex, or corduroy material.  They need to be the correct fit size in the waist, not baggy or skin tight.  They also need to be properly maintained with no holes or ragged seams,  Cargo or cell phone pockets are not permitted.

Shorts and Skirts: Shorts and skirts  follow the same guidelines as the pants.  Shorts, and skirts need to be the same length as the scholars finger tips when their arm is straight or up to 2 inches below their knee when standing.  

Jumpers and Vests: Scholars may wear navy blue or khaki jumpers or vests with a NON LOGO polo underneath them.  Jumpers follow the same guidelines as the shorts and skirts.

Shirts: Only white, gold, and navy blue polo shirt WITH the DTPA school logo should be worn.  These are available at HATTRIX located behind the Target on Palmdale and 15 Freeway.

Hair: All scholars need to be well groomed each day with their natural-unaltered hair color.  Mohawks, Fohawks, duck tails, completely shaved, or any other fad is not permitted.

Jewelry, Hats, and Tatoos: Scholars are permitted to wear simple necklaces, bracelets, and studded earring with no parts that dangle in the ears only.  Plain sun hats and beanies are permitted outdoors only pending weather need.  They need to be removed once the scholar is indoors.  Tatoos of any kind, even temporary are not permitted.  

School Activities and Events

Thanksgiving Break

There will be no school from Monday, November 24th - November 28th.  Enjoy you family and friends.

School resumes, Monday, December 1, 2014

Posted by: Mandy * Plantz
Published: 11/18/14

Food Service

Food Services

This year we are excited to have Preferred Meals as our food service provider. They are supplying DT with our breakfast and lunch.  To find out what delicious food will be offered this week, please follow the link to their menu.  This link will also provide you with the nutrients for each day.

Please contact the office to complete a lunch application (one per household). You may also pre-pay your child's account in the office (cash only).  A notice will be sent home with your child as a reminder to reload their account when needed.

If you have any further questions regarding food services please contact the office; 760-530-7680.

Posted by: Mandy * Plantz
Published: 7/31/14